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Company info

Company info


Virtual Silvr

We bring sellers and buyers of products and services together to engage in transactions. Virtual Silvr is an online retailer that specialises in consumer electronics such as Vr headsets, controllers, mobiles and wireless chargers, gadgets, computer hardware as well as audio accessories so our clients can explore all the places where the imaginary meets the real.



Our mission is to bring you a complete and fulfilling shopping experience at competing prices based on our market insights and partnerships with companies and platforms to improve our products and services. A portion of the brands pay Virtual Silvr a commission for sending you their way, and Virtual Silvr shares the commission with you as Cash Back.




Underneath this page you will find the help topics that you can contact us about and in the tabs you will find more information about Payments, Delivery, Return policy, Shipping and handeling and questions about the Warranty and Repair services of various products.

Instructional video’s on Youtube are too provided additional support, just like blogs or community guidelines on an expert level gaming platform like 

Help Topics


  • How to check the status of an order
  • Order processing time
  • Editing an order



  • Return policy
  • Returning an item
  • Restocking Fees, Return Shipping Fees, Full Refunds, and Partial Refunds



  • Marketplace Guarantee
  • Partnerships, products and contents
  • How to return a Marketplace item

Virtual Silvr Global

  • Checking the status of an order
  • How to return a Virtual Silvr Global item
  • Shipping methods



  • Product specifications and details
  • Product disclaimers



  • Shipping Policy
  • Report a shipping problem
  • How to track a package


  • Different price than advertised
  • Using a promo code
  • Price Match Guarantee



  • Resolving a declined payment
  • Payment Methods
  • Virtual Silvr Store Credit



  • How to place an order
  • Virtual Silvr website security

Affiliate network

  • Referral program
  • Affiliate program
  • For social media influencers



  • Authorised reseller
  • Partnerships products and services
  • Technology partners

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Pre Orders

Pre Orders & Special Editions

Get the lowest price guarantee

Get the lowest price guarantee

track your Payment and Delivery

track your Payment and Delivery

Pre-order service for exclusive products

Pre-order service for exclusive products

Get support with technical issues

Get support with technical issues