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About Us

We are four digital specialists who combined forces to start and webhosting and premium design service as Boutique meaning we work for clients who want to bee assited with building an online business.

Virtual Silvr

Virtual Silvr started as an e-commerce project with advanced functionalities providing customisation for his customers visit VR Market. Working with WordPress paved the way to partner with an Award Winning Webhost who keeps our technical abilities on the highest level providing an amazing infrastructure four years now. We invest a great deal of time in a small group of client who value the visual aspects and UX which can be delicate work this makes us a Boutique Prototyping Studio.



Profit, with a purpose.

When we say we work with organisations who are driven by a purpose beyond profit, we don’t mean you can’t make money. It just can’t be the only thing that drives you. In fact, we’d love to help you be more profitable by focusing on the impact of your work.

When we look past the dollar signs, we discover the real metrics that drive action, conversion and change. That’s what we’re about.



Award Winning Webhosting


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“To get help with building a professional real estate website without a professional price tag really helped me to stand out from other brokers in Mexico.

Beatrice , Founder of Me Luxury Properties

“I got help with launching my online business and got rewarded with a website which helped me clients understand how my service is distinctive”

Sanne Korteweg, Founder of Arti-Liv

"Experience comes in different forms; many skills are transferable and the passion of the people who provide design services service goes back more then four years reflecting on digital skills and entrepeurship".

Ines Finisie, Founder DPSY

"Moving one of my domains that expired is how working together started and specially being active in the tourism industry affordable and reliable hosting is essential."

Alex, CEO of Aldea Xaan Ha.

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