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About Us

We as product owners started to acquire digital property. Our believe is that investing money, time and resources into clients fortified our way to be present in the digital space.

Virtual Silvr

We are part of a circle for change-makers, innovators, and visionaries having access to tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many.

We have professional experience in a wide range of areas including digital commerce, cryptocurrency, consulting, entrepreneurship – and most importantly, creating digital experiences on an intuitive level by creating prototypes from a web development perspective.

In the space of digital currencies projects also needs be hosted, designed in the most user centered way, practically this means a lot of custom development.

Blockchain Technology

As a service business Virtual Silvr became an advisory for Cryptocurrency buyers while constantly identifying how to fill important gaps in the existing market infrastructure.

It is our view to sustainable development that building service businesses to fill important gaps in the existing market infrastructure is a winning strategy.

Visit our webdesign page for more information about creating digital experiences in areas’s like e-commerce, virtual reality, digital currencies or real estate.

Cryptocurrency asset buyers

We incubate, acquire, and operated a Expert Blockchain Adoption group in Amsterdam with Customer Experience Designers to provide a variety of financial and professional services to financial institutions, corporations, and startups to gain insights on Blockchain Adoption.

With the adoption of cryptocurrencies our IT support extended to assist crypto currency asset buyers.

Visit our Inside Crypto when you are a cryptocurrency asset buyer and want to unleash the potential of digital assets.

Inside Crypto

In the space of digital currencies projects needs to be hosted, designed in the most user centered way, practically this means custom development.

We started our company by looking at automating blockchain news, research and data. Here we learned how to integrate features into websites like charts, tickers with realtime data widdgets or do configurations which are related to marketing and automation.

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“To get help with building a professional real estate website without a professional price tag really helped me to stand out from other brokers in Mexico.

Sanne Korteweg, Online Marketeer 

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Profit with a purpose

From every purchased plan we donate 10% of our revenue to specific projects trading time, skills and energy empathising that profit with a purpose is the way to move forward.


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